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O TOEIC é um exame que avalia o nível de conhecimento de inglês voltado para a área de business. São avaliados diversos níveis de inglês, do básico ao avançado e o resultado indica o nível de domínio do idioma do candidato.

Faça como milhões de profissionais ao redor do mundo bem como os colaboradores daDeloitte, FEDEX, Wal-Mart, Telefônica, Banco Itaú, Banco do Brasil, Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Coca-Cola, Bunge, Philips, Kodak, Honda, Xerox, Peugeot, Ford, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Alcatel, Tetra Pak, etc.

O curso CK English TOEIC é dividido em 2 partes. Na primeira parte faremos uma simulação de uma prova para que você saiba o que esperar na prova e para que o professor e você possam ver quais habilidades precisam ser aprimoradas. Após a conclusão do teste simulado que provavelmente terá cerca de 4 aulas, iniciaremos a parte prática do curso. Nesta parte, vamos praticar perguntas que você pode esperar encontrar no teste TOEIC.


Nossos professores são experientes no ensino do TOEIC e acreditamos que podemos fornecer o conhecimento e as habilidades necessárias para obter a pontuação necessária e tornar seu currículo mais atraente para vagas de emprego em potencial.


Abaixo está uma simulação do que você pode esperar encontrar em nossas aulas do TOEIC.

TOEIC Simulation Test 1

TOEIC Listening

Part 1

Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture.

Test 1 Part 1CK English
00:00 / 05:14

Part 2

Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses. They will be spoken only one time and will not be printed in your test book. Select the best response and write A, B or C.

Test 1 Part 2CK English
00:00 / 11:37

Part 3

Directions: You will hear some conversations between two people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your digital book. The conversations will be spoken only one time and will not be printed in your test book. 

Test 1 Part 3CK English
00:00 / 12:04

41.What will the man do at 2 o'clock? 
(A) Have lunch 
(B) Attend a meeting 
(C) Work on a project 
(D) Meet with the woman 


42. When will the speakers most likely meet? 
(A) At 1 o'clock 
(B) At 2 o'clock 
(C) At 3 o'clock 
(D) At 4 o'clock 


43. What does the woman ask the man to do? 
(A) Help her with a project 
(B) Have lunch with her 
(C) Attend a meeting 
(D) Drop by her office 


44. Why is Erick being complimented? 
(A) He managed to get a big sale. 
(B) He saved money for the company. 
(C) He got a perfect score on his test. 
(D) He did a good job with his talk. 


45. What did the woman like the most? 
(A) The length of the speech 
(B) The issue about saving money 
(C) The cost of the product 
(D) The hard work the man has been doing 


46. What does the man mention about what the woman likes the most? 
(A) He put in a lot of time getting ready for it. 
(B) He is very surprised to hear about it. 
(C) He will discuss it in detail in his next talk. 
(D) He didn't have enough time to talk about it. 


47. When do the speakers have to meet? 
(A) At 5:00 p.m. 
(B) At 6:00 p.m. 
(C) At 6:30 p.m. 
(D) At 7:00 p.m. 


48. Who most likely is Mark? 
(A) A boss 
(B) A client 
(C) The restaurant owner 
(D) A mail clerk 


49. How long will the woman meet with her client? 
(A) 5 minutes 
(B) 15 minutes 
(C) 30 minutes 
(D) 60 minutes 


50. How long will the company convention last this year? 
(A) Three days 
(B) Four days 
(C) Five days 
(D) Six clays 


51. What is the reason for the change in the duration of the convention dates? 
(A) They could not book a larger place. 
(B) There is a lack of interest shown by the workers. 
(C) The staff felt that it was too long. 
(D) The company is having financial problems. 


52. What does the woman say almost happened? 
(A) Their business trip to Atlanta 
(B) The reduction of the budget 
(C) The cancellation of the convention 
(D) The change of the convention location 


53. Why is the meeting being postponed? 
(A) Mr. Yamamoto has to go to Tokyo. 
(B) The woman couldn't arrange transportation. 
(C) The man has a very busy schedule this week. 
(D) They both prefer to have it at a later time. 


54. What does the man request the woman to do? 
(A) To meet him in Europe 
(B) To bring her manager on the trip 
(C) To arrange a get-together at a later time 
(D) To book a flight ticket for him 


55. What does the man want to know? 
(A) If someone will accompany her 
(B) How the woman will get a flight ticket 
(C) Who she will be meeting in Europe 
(D) Why she wants to visit Tokyo 

56. Where is the conversation taking place? 
(A) In a bus 
(B) At the hotel lobby 
(C) In a restaurant 
(D) In a museum 


57. When will they have dinner? 
(A) At 5:00 
(B) At 6:00 
(C) At 6:30 
(D) At 7:00
58. What does the woman say that she has not done for a long time? 
(A) Visit the museum 
(B) Eat seafood 
(C) Cook dinner 
(D) Go on a vacation 


59. Why do they have to get to the conference early? 
(A) To get ready for the presentation 
(B) To meet someone before the meeting 
(C) To avoid the heavy traffic on the road 
(D) To have lunch near the conference center 


60. When does the woman want to leave? 
(A) At 12 o'clock 
(B) At 1 o'clock 
(C) At 2 o'clock 
(D) At 3 o'clock 

61. Where will they meet?
(A) At a restaurant 
(B) At the conference center 
(C) In the front foyer 
(D) In the woman's office 

62. Where is the conversation taking place? 
(A) At a park 
(B) At the lakeside 
(C) In a restaurant 
(D) At the hotel front desk 

63. Why does Mr. Brown not take the room with a view of the lake? 
(A) It is a smoking room. 
(B) It costs too much money. 
(C) It is too big. 
(D) It is on the ground floor. 

64. What does the man want to know? 
(A) When the restaurant opens for business 
(B) How far his client's office is 
(C) Where to go to have dinner 
(D) Which room his client is at 

65. Who is Mr. Thomas? 
(A) A new member of the company 
(B) The company accountant 
(C) A sales manager 
(D) A very important client 

66. When will John start work? 
(A) Today 
(B) Next week 
(C) In two weeks 
(D) Next month 

67. Who will Steve most likely work closely with? 
(A) Mary 
(B) Janice 
(C) John 
(D) The accountant
68. What are the speakers talking about? 
(A) A car David has bought recently 
(B) A man they both know 
(C) A new garage one of the men found 
(D) The job they are doing now 

69. Why did David decide to take his car to a new place? 
(A) He doesn't like how George works. 
(B) The old place was too expensive. 
(C) He found a less expensive place. 
(D) George's Garage did not do a good job. 

70. What does John say he has to do soon? 
(A) Get a new job 
(B) Have his car serviced 
(C) Move into a new house 
(D) Find a cheaper car 

Part 4

Directions: You will hear some short talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each short talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D). The talks will be spoken only one time and will not be printed. 

Test 1 Part 4CK English
00:00 / 14:07

71. Where is Mr. Stone now? 
(A) On vacation 
(B) At a seminar 
(C) In his office 
(D) In the reception area 


72. When will Tom check his messages? 
(A) In the morning 
(B) In the afternoon 
(C) In the evening 
(D) Whenever he can 


73. What should a caller do if the call is urgent? 
(A) Call Sam's cellular phone 
(B) Contact the hotel 
(C) Talk to the receptionist 
(D) Leave a message on the answering machine 
74. Who most likely is giving the talk? 
(A) The captain of the ship 
(B) One of. the clients 
(C) A company employee 
(D) One of the chefs 


75. What is scheduled to happen at 7 o'clock? 
(A) Dinner will be served. 
(B) Dancing will begin. 
(C) Awards will be given out. 
(D) The ship will set sail. 


76. What time will they return to the port? 
(A) By noon 
(B) By three o'clock 
(C) By seven o'clock 
(D) By eleven o'clock


77. What is the purpose of the speech? 
(A) To say good-bye to an employee 
(B) To ask the staff to work a little harder 
(C) To encourage the workers to make big sales 
(D) To introduce a new staff member 


78. In which department does John Simpson work? 
(A) Advertising 
(B) Accounting 
(C) Personnel 
(D) Sales
79. Where is Mr. Simpson now? 
(A) Vacationing in Europe 
(B) With a family member 
(C) At another company 
(D) On a business trip 


80. What are the listeners being reminded of? 
(A) Today's lecture has been cancelled. 
(B) Ms. Parker will be delayed. 
(C) Next month's meeting will not take place. 
(D) Some volunteers are needed for an environmental cause. 


81. Who is Ms. Parker? 
(A) A construction worker 
(B) A medical doctor 
(C) A university professor 
(D) A volunteer
82. What is going to happen next? 
(A) Ms. Parker will give a speech. 
(B) The program will come to an end. 
(C) The listeners will ask questions. 
(D) They will move to another building. 


83. Who most likely is talking? 
(A) A chef 
(B) A customer 
(C) A waiter 
(D) A butcher 


84. How much is the roast beef dinner? 
(A) $7.99 
(B) $9.99 
(C) $12.99 
(D) $19.99
85. Why did the speaker mention the fried rice? 
(A) It is the best dish in the place. 
(B) It is on special only for today. 
(C) It does not contain any meat. 
(D) It comes with a potato. 

86. How many unwanted phones are in circulation in the country? 
(A) 12 million 
(B) 15 million 
(C) 20 million 
(D) 35 million
87. According to the report, what problem is caused by the unwanted phones? 
(A) Danger to the environment 
(B) Phones being illegally exported 
(C) Rise in the price of cell phones 
(D) Phones being sold on the black market 


88. What does the local firm do with the phones? 
(A) They fix them up and put them back on the local market. 
(B) They use the parts to make other phones. 
(C) They recycle them and send them to other countries. 
(D) They distribute the phones to the poor. 


89. Where could this announcement be heard? 
(A) At a company anniversary party 
(B) At a company year ending party 
(C) At a company social gathering 
(D) At a company awards banquet 


90. What is the main purpose of the day's event? 
(A) To boost employee morale 
(B) To mingle with unfamiliar staff members 
(C) To launch a new project 
(D) To welcome new employees 


91. What does the speaker say that everyone should do? 
(A) Wear name tags 
(B) Participate in the game 
(C) Show up to the event 
(D) Work on the project 


92. What is the announcement mainly about? 
(A) The appointment of a new vice president 
(B) A change in an upper manager's position 
(C) An expansion of the office building 
(D) A change in the company policy 


93. What is Mr. Stevenson's current position? 
(A) President 
(B) Vice president 
(C) Marketing manager 
(D) General manager 


94. When did Mr. Stevenson join the company? 
(A) A year ago 
(B) Five years ago 
(C) Ten years ago 
(D) Twenty-five years ago
95. How many films are playing today? 
(A) One 
(B) Two 
(C) Three 
(D) Four
96. What is the movie Sisters about? 
(A) The Korean war 
(B) A successful businesswoman 
(C) Family members who were separated 
(D) The rich and the famous
97. How much would a person 65 years old have to pay to watch a movie? 
(A) $5 
(B) $7 
(C) $10 
(D) $13 


98. Who most likely is giving the talk? 
(A) A cancer patient 
(B) A doctor 
(C) The host 
(D) An athlete
99. When was Mr. White's son born? 
(A) A year ago 
(B) Two years ago 
(C) Ten years ago 
(D) Twelve years ago
100. Who will come on the show next? 
(A) A man who is planning to travel around the country 
(B) A person who went through hardships during a war 
(C) A person who is trying to find a member of his family 
(D) A man who has given away bicycles to cancer patients 

TOEIC Simulation Test 1

TOEIC Reading

Part 5

Directions: Choose the best option.
101. In order for __ to provide the necessary benefits, dentists associated with the university's insurance policies must be shown a valid student ID card. 
(A) those 
(B) them 
(C) their 
(D) that 


102. CRI Inc. __  all employees to wear identification badges at all times when inside the plant. 
(A) suggests 
(B) wishes 
(C) needs 
(D) requires 


103. We are grateful to Mr. Stern for __ our associates. 
(A) wishing 
(B) welcoming 
(C) giving 
(D) looking 


104. Customers with concerns about the safety of the product are advised to call the __ as soon as possible. 
(A) manufacture 
(B) manufacturing 
(C) manufacturer 
(D) manufactured 


105. Library and information science majors should be reminded of the seminar beginning __ at 6:00 p.m. in room 212 B. 
(A) promptly 
(B) prompts 
(C) prompter 
(D) prompted 


106. Tonight's performance is __ to raise awareness about our city's urban renewal initiative. 
(A) intend 
(B) intended 
(C) intention 
(D) intentional 


107. With the election over, the new candidate could now __ her attention toward solving the unemployment problem. 
(A) turn 
(B) held 
(C) change 
(D) alter 


108. The __ outlay of assets for the construction of the new streetcar lanes has been cited by newspapers as the main cause of the project's dismissal. 
(A) initially 
(B) initiate 
(C) initiation 
(D) initial
109. Debbie Gillespie, chief financial officer of Alabaster Chemicals Ltd., is still __ about a favorable budget for the company this fiscal year. 
(A) willing 
(B) optimistic 
(C) visionary 
(D) assertive 


110. If you wish __ to me, please make an appointment through my secretary on the 10th floor. 
(A) speaking 
(B) to speak 
(C) spoke 
(D) has spoken 


111. Greg O'Leary has been leading research in our laboratories __ over eighteen years. 
(A) in 
(B) for 
(C) up 
(D) from 


112. While the engineering team's __ has improved, overall productivity has been in a noticeable decline for the past three years. 
(A) motivate 
(B) motives 
(C) motivational
(D) motivation 


113. The secretary in the 2nd floor office __  e-mails between 8 a.m. and noon. 
(A) answers 
(B) talks 
(C) responds 
(D) replies 


114. At yesterday's meeting, staff members were introduced to Peter McCabe, the recently __  manager of the Dynasty Hotel in Washington D.C. 
(A) appointing 
(B) appointment 
(C) appoint 
(D) appointed 


115. Mr. Fisher prefers to do his small company's bookkeeping __ instead of hiring an accountant. 
(A) he 
(B) his 
(C) him 
(D) himself 


116. Local libraries __ offer reading programs for children and ESL for adults. 
(A) frequently 
(B) frequenting 
(C) frequent 
(D) frequented 


117. His __ of more environmentally-friendly air-conditioning units has made Dr. Miles Wilder very famous in this city. 
(A) sequence 
(B) decision 
(C) invention 
(D) situation 


118. Mr. Kim in the accounting department has the reputation of dealing with any sort of problem, __ how complicated it is. 
(A) even if 
(B) otherwise 
(C) no matter 
(D) therefore 


119. Local residents are encouraged to __ the unveiling of the new museum. 
(A) occur 
(B) attend 
(C) contain 
(D) arrive 


120. It is __ that we fix this problem before we move on to the next one. 
(A) requiring 
(B) imperative 
(C) indispensable 
(D) impressive 

121. The caterer will need __ one hour to prepare the refreshments for the forum. 
(A) approximately 
(B) briefly 
(C) rapidly 
(D) unpredictably 


122. Only __ with a renewed membership card may attend the concert. 
(A) this 
(B) them 
(C) whose 
(D) those
123. __ the doctors were surprised when the patient made a quick recovery from his injuries. 
(A) Many 
(B) Some 
(C) Most of 
(D) Almost 


124. This year's excellent __  has earned our production plant renown in the company.
(A) performed 
(B) performable 
(C) performance 
(D) perform
125. Customers must bring in __  for their refunds within two weeks of the purchase. 
(A) procedures 
(B) journeys 
(C) directions 
(D) receipts 


126. The computer lab will undergo __ renovations to meet the needs of our school's growing student body. 
(A) matured 
(B) producing 
(C) substantial 
(D) consumable 


127. Anyone who __ a new stove by CTX Ltd. this weekend receives a free four-piece set of stainless-steel saucepans. 
(A) purchase 
(B) purchaser 
(C) purchases 
(D) purchasing 


128. The Queen of Hearts casino will be located somewhere __ the new highway. 
(A) into 
(B) among 
(C) without 
(D) along 


129. The __ for this week's publishing convention includes a poetry reading and book signing by Dwayne T. White on Wednesday afternoon and a job fair on Friday afternoon. 
(A) position 
(B) itinerary 
(C) circuit 
(D) pattern 


130. __  of the proposed plans by the chamber of commerce involves an annual agricultural exhibition. 
(A) Someone 
(B) The one 
(C) One 
(D) As one 


131. Supervisors were expected not only to oversee their workers but to __ their continued development. 
(A) continue 
(B) encourage 
(C) proceed 
(D) ensure
132. This new software would __ the accounting firm to process accounts more efficiently. 
(A) inhibit 
(B) prefer 
(C) enable 
(D) keep
133. The primary __ concern among our manufacturers is acquiring the necessary resources at a reasonable price. 
(A) finances 
(B) financed 
(C) financial
(D) financially 


134. Those employees who cite their salaries as a reason for not renewing their contracts represent only a __ small number of employees who resign. 
(A) nearly 
(B) closely 
(C) precisely 
(D) relatively 


135. Questions about production concerns should be __ to Ms. Helen Yan. 
(A) direction 
(B) director 
(C) directs 
(D) directed 


136. __ the building permission is granted, the. building site will be prepared for construction. 
(A) However 
(B) While 
(C) As if 
(D) As soon as
137. The mild summer weather __ for the slow business this season. 
(A) accounts 
(B) explains 
(C) states 
(D) adapts 


138. Ms. Lucille Meyer received recognition for the production changes __ proposed. 
(A) she 
(B) that 
(C) were 
(D) until
139. The board members meet only __ usually only when there is a problem. 
(A) occasion 
(B) occasions 
(C) occasional 
(D) occasionally
140. __ admission to performances is free, theater enthusiasts are encouraged to donate money to show their support.
(A) Despite 
(B) Except 
(C) While 
(D) Equally 

Part 6

Read the text on the following pages. A word or phrase is missing in some of the sentences. Choose the best option. 


Questions 141-143 refer to the following article. 


GreatMart is concerned about customer satisfaction. In order to make sure its customers are happy, management has implemented several policies to facilitate the returns process. In each GreatMart location, a counter at the front of the store is available for customers to return items with a receipt. Customers can now have their money __ quickly and efficiently. 
(A) refreshed 
(B) refunded 
(C) refused 
(D) regarded 


The reason for the return is never asked. Customers are just asked to bring the item back in its original box. GreatMart guarantees the best deals in town because customers are allowed to use any coupon in the local newspaper, __ it is from another store. 
(A) and yet 
(B) so that 
(C) even as 
(D) even if


Because of this, customers will always feel that they are getting a bargain. The aim of GreatMart's CEO initiative is to ensure that all the best products in the market are __  in 
(A) comfortable 
(B) available 
(C) suitable 
(D) flexible
the store at all times. This ensures that customers have no need to shop elsewhere. 


Questions 144-146 refer to the following announcement. 


Want to discover the latest trends in International Business? Sign up for our free workshops, to be held October 2-6. Register now online! Starting Sept. 1, employees will be able to access a new workshop registration system at To enter the site, a staff ID number and password are required. If you don't already have these, contact your immediate supervisor. 
Employees are encouraged to sign up early for workshops, as the number of participants is __ to 50 per session. Provided that seats remain available, employees can easily 
(A) limit 
(B) limited 
(C) limiting 
(D) limitation 


register for sessions. If a session is __ , however, staff can request that they be 
(A) solid 
(B) full 
(C) done 
(D) used 


contacted if a space opens up. 
The upcoming sessions __ on the 5th floor of the Stafford Suite building. 
(A) will be held 
(B) have been held 
(C) are holding 
(D) were held 


Questions 147-149 refer to the following press release. 

Paris and Madrid, January 1 
Two European telecommunications companies have announced that they are merging. Teleparie of Paris and Spanish company Transcom will __ to become Telemonde. 
(A) improve 
(B) compete 
(C) promote 
(D) combine 


The news was announced Monday at a joint meeting of the companies' stakeholders. The newly-formed corporation is expected to provide service to more than 50 million European customers. This will surpass the size of Megacall, Europe's other telecommunications giant. The __ executive director of Teleparie, Greta LaSalle, said, "The merger of these 
(A) present 
(B) future 
(C) brief 
(D) potential 


corporations means that Telemonde will be a telecommunications giant in the 21st 
__ the merger, LaSalle will continue her leadership position as chief executive officer. 
(A) Follow 
(B) Follows 
(C) Following 
(D) Will follow 

Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter. 


January 29 
Dear ALB Customer: 
Our company is continually striving to meet your needs as a customer. Based on surveys completed by our customers, we have discovered that the format of our older bills needed some changes. __ improvements made by our service experts, we have been able to 
(A) Thanks to 
(B) Because 
(C) Now that 
(D) In case of 


create statements that are now easier to read. Your total amount due will be highlighted in the top left corner, while individual charges will still be outlined in the middle of the page. A section of the bill at the bottom will be perforated so that you can easily tear it off and submit it with your payment. The format of your bill will be noticeably different, but you can be __ that our services 
(A) firm 
(B) definite 
(C) certain 
(D) established 


and fees will remain the same. 
The enclosed notice should be read carefully; it  __ information related to 
(A) providing 
(B) had provided 
(C) provided 
(D) provides 


each part of your bill. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact customer service at-1-800-111-1234. Our service representatives will be glad to assist you with any concerns that you may have Monday-Friday from 9-5 EST. 

We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you. 



Part 7

Directions: In this section you will read a selection of text, such as magazine and newspaper articles, letters, and advertisements. Each text is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question.


Questions 153-154 refer to the following message. 

nteroffice Message 
To: Nick Stokes. 
From: Samantha Fox - IMI Health Institute 
Re: A phone call received from Danny Samah 

Note: Please return Danny Samah's call from the Detroit office as soon as you can. This is regarding your application for summer funding at IMI. He needs to know your lab specifications for the project. He would like you to include all the data you have collected already, including the unprocessed data. He also wanted to remind you of the deadline that is coming in a few weeks. Bill can be reached at 202-555-0407. 

Memo author: Chris Stansfield 


What was Danny Samah calling about? 
(A) Detailed specifications from the laboratory 
(B) A meeting 
(C) Dates at which both parties are open 
(D) The deadline that is coming up soon
Who is supposed to return the call? 
(A) Chris Stansfield 
(B) Danny Samah 
(C) Samantha Fox 
(D) Nick Stokes 

Questions 155-156 refer to the following information. 

Gerrard Street Marriott 
We are sending this as a confirmation of your request for the shuttle bus service to Cherry Island Airport tomorrow morning. The bus is slated to arrive at the front of the hotel at 6:15 A.M. and will depart at 6:30 A.M. The shuttle is scheduled to arrive at 6:50 A.M. If needed, you can cancel this reservation before 4:00 A.M. tomorrow without a service charge. To contact the front desk, dial 0 for any questions you might have. We would like to remind you to make sure you have all your belongings with you when you check out of the hotel. Thank you for your patronage and have a safe and pleasant trip. 
Jamie Fox/ Front Desk 


What is the purpose of the letter? 
(A) To remind a customer of a payment 
(B) To confirm a reservation 
(C) To promote a city tour 
(D) To postpone an appointment 


What time is the bus scheduled to arrive at the hotel? 
(A) At 4:00 A.M. 
(B) At 6:15 A.M. 
(C) At 6:30 A.M. 
(D) At 6:50 A.M. 


Questions 157-159 refer to the following letter. 
Kiara Beauty Products 
Kiara Beauty has been a leader in the healthcare products industry for the last 15 years. Over that time, we've been able to launch several brands that have been well received by our customers, including the famed Chandra 05 and Belle Flower perfumes, and our Nightshade lipstick. To better respond to and anticipate our customers' needs, we're mailing questionnaires to people just like you. This is your opportunity to let us know what you want in health and beauty products. The questionnaire takes less than 10 minutes to fill out, and you can return it to us in the accompanying prepaid business envelope. We hope you will take the time to do so, as it will help us better serve you in the future. 
Best Regards, 
Lally Mendhelson
Product Development 
Kiara Beauty 


What is the purpose of the letter? 
(A) To sell products 
(B) To get opinions 
(C) To order items 
(D) To reply to a request 


Which accomplishment of Kiara is mentioned? 
(A) It has won several beauty awards. 
(B) Its items are considered popular. 
(C) It has a greater market share this year than last. 
(D) Its customers are generally healthier than other brands. 


What is enclosed with the letter? 
(A) A return envelope 
(B) Perfume samples 
(C) A receipt 
(D) A price list 

Questions 160-163 refer to the following magazine advertisement. 

Tonawanda welcomes you to a city that has become a shining example of intelligent urban planning, and which recently won its bid for a world-class event. This year the International Trade and Industry Exposition, an event that occurs once every five years, is coming to Tonawanda. This event was originally held in Helsinki 20 years ago, and has been held in Geneva, Lima and London since then. This is Tonawonda's chance to show its stuff and join a proud group of organizers in promoting this global event. 
Many of Tonawonda's residents were pleasantly surprised to learn that they had won the right to host the exposition:The bold plans presented for the event site gave Tonawanda the edge over bigger cities with seemingly stronger bids. The city's Park of Technology, situated in the city's industrial zone — a once dilapidated area with rundown factories and an old mine — will be home to the International Trade and Industry Exposition. This six-square mile area has been rebuilt over a span of two and a half years, and during this time a modern complex of well-designed buildings with amphitheater-like exhibition halls was built. In the future, this complex will be used to serve as a major commercial hub for the city and the state. 
Tonawanda, a city looking to the future 
Where hasn't the exposition been held? 
(A) Geneva 
(B) Seoul 
(C) London 
(D) Lima 


What will the Park of Technology be used as after the exposition? 
(A) An international commercial center 
(B) A tourist venue 
(C) A government complex 
(D) A shopping mall 


How long did it take to rebuild the event site? 
(A) 2 years 
(B) 2.5 years 
(C) 3 years 
(D) 4 years
What is implied about many Tonawanda residents? 
(A) They voted to expand an industrial district. 
(B) They have long been at odds with the mayor. 
(C) They did not support the plan to build a new venue. 
(D) They were happy to win the right to host the event. 

Questions 164-165 refer to the following notice. 

To: Mary Chong 
From: Janet Nail
Date: May 9 
Claim number:19067
Dear Ms. Chong 

Our Customer Service Department has received the computer you shipped to us for repairs. The customer service form you enclosed shows that you bought the computer a month ago and that the wireless network card has not worked properly since you first purchased your computer. Our service department reports that customers seldom have issues with our wireless network cards, and our technicians have run a series of tests on the computer, but could not find any significant defects with it. As a matter of fact, your computer is up to all of our specifications.

Please call us at 800-654-2534, and we can discuss the problems you have had, and how they may have resulted. With this new information, we plan to isolate the issue as to why your computer is not functioning correctly. 

I hope that we can solve this problem quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to enjoying your computer.
I wanted to also add that we provide great deals on upgrades on both RAM and processors. 

Janel Nail. 
Customer Service Department 
Microprocessor Inc. 

Why is Janel sending this e-mail? 
(A) To submit a claim 
(B) To talk about a problem 
(C) To talk about a company policy 
(D) To respond to an e-mail 


What fact about the computer isn't included in this e-mail? 
(A) The damage was done during shipping. 
(B) The computer is relatively new. 
(C) The component was tested. 
(D) The component meets the specifications of the company. 


Questions 166-168 refer to the following notice. 

If you had a good experience today, why not sign up for a membership? 
As a member of Jersey Shore Botanical Gardens, your money will support new exhibits and educational programs for all ages, from students in elementary and high school to adults. The basic membership includes unlimited free admission to the gardens, a five percent rebate on all items in the Green Thumb Gift Shop, a special preview of exclusive exhibits, a free monthly newsletter, and discounted prices for our novel classes on gardening and flower arrangement. To enroll today, fill out an enrollment form at the information desk, to the right side of the elevators. Get your membership today! 

Why was this notice posted? 
(A) To increase sales to a new exhibit 
(B) To list the attractions at the Gardens 
(C) To highlight some items on sale 
(D) To promote membership at the Gardens 


What would be the most logical place for this advertisement?
(A) On the Jersey Shore Botanical Gardens website 
(B) On a flyer at a gardening store 
(C) Near the exit of the Jersey Shore Botanical Gardens 
(D) In a gardening magazine 


Which of these is not a benefit of the membership? 
(A) A free membership for your spouse 
(B) Discounts on instructional courses 
(C) Rebates at the gift shop 
(D) Monthly newsletters 

Questions 169-172 refer to the following article. 

February 10 
New Breakfast Cereal Released by Spencer Foods
Los Angeles — Spencer Foods Cereal, owned by Baby Bear Wholesale Inc., has just announced that it will begin to sell a new cereal, Grape Nuts in Bunches, nationwide.
The new cereal will be in stores across America on March 1, and is expected to be sold across the rest of the world in early April. The company will launch multi-media campaigns in San Diego and Orlando starting on February 20th, which will include television and radio commercials. These advertisements will be followed up by print ads in magazines and newspapers nationwide a short time after. 

For the decade-old company, this cereal marks the fourth new product it has released in the last year. Previous new cereals also include Ricesnaps, Cinna-Crisps and Oaty Lumps. 

Over the last few years the company's oldest and top-selling product, Nuts and Berry Clusters, has seen a 30 percent decline in sales. This has inspired Sergio Montana, the Baby Bear Wholesale president, to diversify the company's product line. 
Spencer Foods used three different test markets — Carrie, Illinois, Clear Water, Florida and Washington D.C. — all of which showed it could make a good profit on the new cereal. 


When will the cereal be distributed across the United States? 
(A) February 10 
(B) February 20 
(C) March 1 
(D) April 10 


Which of the following markets will see TV advertisements? 
(A) San Diego 
(B) Washington D.C. 
(C) Carrie 
(D) Los Angeles 


Why did the company decide to develop some new products? 
(A) The drop of the company's stock 
(B) Severe international competition 
(C) Merger with another company 
(D) Declining sales for a former top product 


Which cereal was developed more than a year ago? 
(A) Grape Nuts in Bunches 
(B) Nuts and Berry Clusters 
(C) Ricesnaps 
(D) Oaty Lumps 

Questions 173-175 refer to the following letter. 


Dear Georail Riders: 
A new schedule for the Blue Line, which runs daily from Monkton to Clifton Hills, has been planned. Currently, the Blue Line runs in both directions, from 4 a.m. to 9 p.m., at half-an-hour intervals. The change in schedule will take effect June 1. From that day forward, the Blue Line will run from 3:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. every 20 minutes. This change was a result of a decision made by the Georail Board of Directors after taking a survey of commuters on the Blue Line over the last few months. These results added to the many suggestions that have been collected over the past year in reaching this decision. Georail hopes that this change will make riding with us more convenient and comfortable than ever before. If you have any problems or questions, please call our customer service hotline at 555-272-1267. 
Neil Strauss 
Public Relations Officer 
Georail Co. 


What is being announced? 
(A) Construction of a new station 
(B) Release of a new customer satisfaction survey 
(C) A new schedule 
(D) New stops on the Blue Line 


What is one change in the new schedule? 
(A) Trains will decrease in frequency. 
(B) There will be fewer trains. 
(C) Train prices will rise. 
(D) Trains will run earlier in the mornings. 


What prompted the board of directors to make this decision? 
(A) Increased number of riders 
(B) A new line was built. 
(C) Rider survey results 
(D) Staff survey 


Questions 176-180 refer to the following newsletter article. 

(PHD) Project Hollywood Designs Inc. 
We are writing to sadly announce the retirement of Derrick Smith, a senior researcher with Project Hollywood Designs. After a distinguished career Derrick will retire on August 31. After retiring, Derrick hopes to travel and spend quality time with his family. However, he also plans to have a home office and will be available to consult with. 
The research division will celebrate Derrick's exceptional career in industrial design by highlighting his accomplishments at a September 10 party at the West End Hilton Hotel from 5 to 7 p.m. At the reception there will be speeches by vice president Dave Ward and executive manager Joel Turner. 
Derrick made significant contributions to the production of industrial products at Project Hollywood. He was best known for his leadership skills while designing easy-to-use computer keyboards that went on to sell millions of units. Derrick has also written over 20 articles for Industrial Design Monthly. He will continue his writing career and expects to release a new book next year. During all of this time, Derrick was also a fellow for the Design Center at Yale University, president of the Industrial Drafting and Design Society, and a lifetime member of the International School of Design. 
Recently, Derrick has been focusing his research on the design of different electronic devices, but more specifically on computer components. 
Please RSVP for the event before September 3 if you would like to attend. 


Why was the article printed? 
(A) To pronounce a retirement 
(B) To announce a new publication 
(C) To talk about a future career in industrial design 
(D) To reward a senior researcher 


Which of the following will Derrick not do in his retirement? 
(A) Publish a book 
(B) Travel the world 
(C) Become a store owner 
(D) Provide consulting services 


What was Derrick known for most? 
(A) He made Project Hollywood Designs the most profitable company in its field. 
(B) He had the highest amount of sales of any salesman. 
(C) He designed popular computer products.
(D) He established a partnership with a local university. 


How did Derrick serve the Industrial Drafting and Design Society? 
(A) As a lifetime member 
(B) As a fellow 
(C) As a counselor 
(D) As president
What are people who would like to attend supposed to do? 
(A) Fill out a survey online 
(B) Call the head office 
(C) Provide personal details 

Questions 181-185 refer to the following advertisement and e-mail. 

Primary Geriatric Rehabilitation Center Career Fair Monday, September 3, 10:00 A.M.- 6:00 P.M. 
Due to the recent increase in patient enrollment, the Primary Geriatric Rehabilitation Center(PGRC), a long-term care facility, is looking to hire a few new staff members at our Detroit location. At our career fair we will provide information and face-to-face interviews for those who are qualified geriatric care givers: nurses, orderlies, registered nurses, and emergency medical staff. Special consideration will be given to those who possess extensive experience and hold an EMS certificate. 
At PGRC we offer competitive salaries and a complete benefits package, including paid holidays, full dental and medical coverage. Potential applicants who are serious about employment should submit an application, including expected income, employment history and a potential starting date. The application form and further information can be found at Please respond to this by September 20. 


To: Dave Johnson <
From: Maya Sanchez <msanchez8765@pgrcc.corn> 
Subject: PGRC Career Fair 
Date: September 10 

Dear Mr. Johnson, 

Your application for an emergency medical staff position has been received, but you have left out a few things. I received your employment history and application form, but you left out your expected income and your potential starting date. 

Can you please fill in this information as soon as possible and send it to me? To this e-mail I have attached an itinerary for the career fair and a map to the location. This will help you find the building. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

I look forward to meeting you. 

Maya Sanchez 
Career Fair Chairman 
Primary Geriatric Rehabilitation Center 


What is PGRC's aim with the advertisement? 
(A) To announce the opening of a new center 
(B) To announce a new website 
(C) To find new potential staff 
(D) To increase their technological capacity 


What was not said about PGRC? 
(A) It is moving from Seattle. 
(B) It has many different centers. 
(C) The pay it offers is good. 
(D) It needs more nurses. 


In the advertisement, the word "consideration" in paragraph 1, line 5 is closest in meaning to 
(A) idea 
(B) normality 
(C) socialization 
(D) attention 


What is missing in Mr. Johnson's application? 
(A) Desired pay 
(B) A contact number 
(C) His cover letter 
(D) His résumé 


Why did Maya send the map? 
(A) To help Mr. Johnson locate the building 
(B) To recommend a good place to stay for Mr. Johnson 
(C) To help Mr. Johnson schedule interviews 
(D) To give Mr. Johnson a guide to the subway 


Questions 186-190 refer to the following news article and review. 
Today in San Antonio, new and improved products were on display at the Whole Foods food show. On display were a range of innovative health and organic products. The introduction of these products marks a recent trend in the wholesale food market: "Organic foods are in high demand, so despite the high price they are still selling quite well," said Wayne Brady, one of the organizers of the show. 
Many of the companies that set up kiosks, such as The Olive Branch and Gardania, were happy to have the chance to launch their new products. Creed Organic, a company that specializes in organic teas, demonstrated their new vitamin B-infused green tea beverage called Green Wave, which won the prize for show's most novel product. This award was won last year by Let-Us for its new line of seasonings. 
The show was held at the Holly Convention Center, located in the west end of the city, and drew close to 20,000 people. 

Product Review: Creed Organic Teas 
Creed Organic has grown significantly over its five years of operations. They are famous for selling tea, which comes in a wide range of flavors, but more specifically for their Bad Moon Rising black tea. They have made their mark on the market with their innovative flavor selection. 
I really enjoyed their Green Berry Blast tea, which is a mix of green tea, wild berry and black berry, and is infused with vitamins A and B. They have managed to make a perfect mix of flavors, creating a very refreshing and satisfying taste. The company adds to this by including a sample of many of their other tea blends. 
Creed has also just released a new canned power drink called P-Bomb, a drink designed to compete with the recent trend of energy drinks that has swept the country. This is a new direction for the company, but after trying the drink I think it was the right move. 


What was Wayne Brady implying about the recent trends in organic food products? 
(A) They have been the show's sole focus. 
(B) It is difficult to develop new ones. 
(C) Their prices have been decreasing. 
(D) Consumption of them has been high. 


Which company has participated in the show before? 
(A) The Olive Branch 
(B) Gardania 
(C) Let-Us 
(D) Creed Organic 


Where was the food show held this year? 
(A) Holly Convention Center 
(B) Armo Hall 
(C) Zamsky Hotel 
(D) Veneda Place 


Which of the following is NOT true about Creed Organic? 
(A) One of its products won an award. 
(B) Its product line includes vitamin-enhanced tea. 
(C) It held an organic food show in San Antonio. (D) It has recently released a new energy drink. 


What did Creed Organic do to become successful? 
(A) It reduced the price of its most popular products.
(B) It used a creative approach. 
(C) It moved its offices to San Antonio. 
(D) It invested a lot of money in production. 


Questions 191-195 refer to the following notice and review. 

The Indian Star 
Shooting of Bear Lake on hold 
Premier delayed 
The highly anticipated premier of Bear Lake, a film directed by Raj Patal, has been delayed from early November to late spring. This delay is a result of bad weather and location selection. As well, many of the animal scenes have been taking longer to shoot than expected. These factors, combined with a sagging economy, caused the delay. Representatives for the film, however, have emphatically stated that filming will resume soon. 

Movie Review: Bear Lake 

Mountain Films is proud to announce its anticipated release of Bear Lake this week, after eight months of delay. The Raj Fatal film is an adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name. The novel is an epic love story, based in the foothills of northern India, with many twists and turns. 

The adaptation of a prize-winning novel to the big screen can be very difficult, because for every reader the characters and the scenery will have been imagined differently. As well, it can be difficult to select the proper scenes to shoot and ultimately include in the film. But after watching this film I believe Raj Fatal has done it again! I feel this was achieved because of the collaboration between Samir Ranjeet and Patal, who managed to bring the book to life beautifully. It is rumored that the pair will be working together again soon. 

Patal has shown many times in the past that he is capable of depicting the lives of everyday people and the relationships that they have. Bear Lake is a giant step forward for Patal's career because of the amount of funding and publicity that it has received. He used this money wisely, producing breathtaking cinematography and moving love scenes. This movie's success was also greatly enhanced by the performances given by Deepak Shakur and Latanji Kapur. 

The limited release of Bear Lake opens Friday night and will go into wide release at the end of the month. 


According to the writer, what is difficult about turning a book into a movie? 
(A) The director and author have different visions. 
(B) Details from the book must be left out of the film. 
(C) Readers have already visualized the characters. 
(D) There is more dialogue in films than in books. 


What did the writer enjoy about the movie? 
(A) The cinematography 
(B) The comic dialogue 
(C) The acting of Samir Ranjeet 
(D) The scenes and the weather 


What is NOT true about Raj Fatal? 
(A) People were anxiously waiting to see his new movie. 
(B) One of his movies will be shown later than originally scheduled. 
(C) He depicts the lives of ordinary people in his movies. 
(D) He has published many novels. 


Why was the release of the film delayed? 
(A) Raj Patal became ill during filming. 
(B) The script had to be rewritten. 
(C) There was bad weather to contend with. 
(D) New financing had to be arranged. 


How is Bear Lake different from Raj Patal's previous movies? 
(A) It used a lot of special effects. 
(B) It did not have famous actors. 
(C) It was inexpensive to shoot. 
(D) It received significantly more funding. 


Questions 196-200 refer to the following e-mails. 

To: Jason Bates <jbates @> 
From: Sheila Copps <> 
Date: April 12 
Subject: Next Friday Meeting 

Mr. Bates, 

Regarding our merger meeting next week I will be unable to make it on Thursday at 3 p.m. I am sorry, but something very urgent has come up. I know that you wanted to discuss the contract between Benjamin Morrison and Becksam Co., so we will definitely have to reschedule. I have been asked to meet with the president of the Camdon Institute, so a group of my coworkers and I will be out of the office on Thursday. We are under pressure to finish the deal we have brokered with Camdon at that time. Can we please reschedule our meeting for Monday morning? Again, I am terribly sorry. I greatly appreciate your understanding in this situation. Also, I do not have the proposed contract, so if you could please send it to me, it would help matters very much. 
Thanks in advance, 
Sheila Copps 
Broker and Consultant 
Leighman Financial
To: Sheila Copps <> 
From: Jason Bates <> 
Date: April 14 Subject: 
Re: Next Friday Meeting 
Attachment: Benjamin Morrison Contract 

Hi, Ms. Copps, 

Thank you for giving me so much notice. I really appreciate it. I can't make it Monday morning because I have already scheduled a doctor's appointment at 10 a.m. and then we have a sales meeting when I get back. Is it possible to meet on Tuesday or Wednesday? 

I have attached the contract, but I have a feeling that you will have some questions about it. If you need to reach me, you can call me on my cell at 555-1234. I hope everything goes well with Camdon and that you have a great weekend. I will see you next week. 

Jason Bates 
Senior Business Analyst 
Becksam Inc. 

What is the reason for Ms. Copps' e-mail? 
(A) To schedule a conference call 
(B) To send a word file 
(C) To plan and discuss a new project 
(D) To change the meeting date and time 


According to her e-mail, what will Ms. Copps be doing on Thursday afternoon? 
(A) Planning a trip 
(B) Writing a report on the Camdon Institute 
(C) Meeting with Mr. Bates 
(D) Attending a meeting at the Camdon Institute 


On what day is Mr. Bates' doctor's appointment? 
(A) Monday 
(B) Wednesday 
(C) Thursday 
(D) Friday
What did Mr. Bates attach to his e-mail? 
(A) The Benjamin Morrison merger contract 
(B) A report on Becksam Inc. 
(C) Company details on the Camdon Institute 
(D) A memo about the president of Becksam Inc. 


What does Mr. Bates ask Ms. Copps to do? 
(A) Visit the Camdon Institute with him 
(B) Pass on important information 
(C) Call him back 
(D) Meet him on Tuesday or Wednesday 

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