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Travel English

CK English Aulas Particulares de inglês para viajar online no Brasil


Você está planejando uma viagem? Você está cansado de viajar sem poder se comunicar

com os habitantes locais? Se sim, o curso de viagem CK English parece ser o curso

de inglês perfeito para você.

O inglês é o idioma internacional usado em aeroportos, hotéis, restaurantes em todo

o mundo. Este curso se concentra no inglês que você precisa saber para sobreviver

e aproveitar ao máximo sua viagem. O curso consiste em 35 aulas que variam em

tópicos de “No Aeroporto” a “No restaurante” a “Alugando um carro”. Este curso

é adequado para alunos com uma compreensão básica de inglês - A2 usando

o método cambridge ou um nível 3 no CK English “nivelamento”. Então, se você

não sabe falar inglês, complete nosso curso para iniciantes e então você

poderá iniciar o curso CK English Travel. Como em todos os nossos cursos,

as aulas deste curso focam na conversação para que o aluno possa praticar

sua fala e escuta.

Abaixo está um exemplo do que você pode esperar nas aulas, mas

lembre-se de que seu professor estará conversando durante toda a aula.

Logo no final desta página você encontrará todos os tópicos abordados neste

curso. E não há ordem para as aulas, se preferir pode pular algumas aulas

ou alterar a ordem das aulas para que você faça as que forem mais

relevantes para você.

Aulas particulares de ingles Brasil
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01 - At the Airport

1. Vocabulary

Take a look at the words. Are there any that you don’t understand?
Make a note of anything you don't know in your digital book.
Your teacher will make conversation using the word?

Flight information screen,
aisle seat, window seat, middle seat
luggage, hand luggage,
carry-on luggage, bag(s), luggage, baggage, suitcase,
luggage trolley, baggage carousel
passport, boarding card,
taxi, cab, uber,
airport, aeroplane, airplane

Aulas de ingles para viajar

2. Vocab Exercise

Click on the image below and complete the sentences correctly. 

3. More Vocabulary

Match the definitions with the correct words. 


Flight time / departure time

Check-in desk 

Baggage allowance 

Excess baggage charge 

Luggage belt / baggage conveyor belt 

Departure lounge 

Security check-in area

Boarding gate 


Arrival time 


Take off 




A - An amount of money you have to pay if your bags are heavier than the baggage allowance.
B - A large room in an airport where you can sit before getting on the plane
C - The airplane comes to the ground in a controlled manner
D - The time that the plane leaves.
E - A moving rubber belt that takes your bag from the check-in desk to the plane, or from the plane to the baggage reclaim area.
F - The time your plane arrives at its destination.
G - The airplane leaves later than planned.
H - A Place where you can show your ticket and give the airline your bags so they can put them on the plane. 
I - The area where you show your boarding pass and get on the plane.
J -  If your plane is “canceled”, it doesn’t leave and you have to get on another flight.
K - The maximum weight for your bags (it's usually 20 kilos).
L - To get on the airplane.
M - A trip by airplane
N - A place where vehicles passengers, or goods begin or end a journey
O - The plane leaves the ground in a controlled manner.
P - The area in an airport where you show your passport.

Now, complete the sentences with the words above. 

1. It is important not to have any liquids, sharp objects or drugs when you go through the __. 
2. Some airports have different __. So it is important to know where you are going to tell your taxi or uber driver. 
3. On the information screens you will find important information like boarding time and __.
4. It is good to tell the people that will pick you up from the airport your __.
5. Try to always be early so that you don’t miss your __.
6. If you are really unlucky, maybe your flight will be __. Usually, the airline company will try to put you on the next available flight or sometimes pay for you to stay in a hotel for the night. 
7. Be sure to know the __ so that you know how much you have to pack. Don't pack too much or you will have to pay extra.
8. At the check desk, they will weigh your bag on the __.
9. Many airports have __ where you can wait before you board. Some are very fancy and include free snacks and drinks.
10. It is always important to know your __ so that you can arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before.
11. The best way to find the __ is to look for the airline that you are flying with.
12. The flight attendant will ask you to put your seat belt on when you __ and __.
13. After showing your boarding pass you are allowed to __ the plane.
14. Often, your flight will be __ and all you can do is wait, so take a good book or something to do while you wait.
15. If you pack too much, you will have to pay the __.

4. Common Phrases

Translate these common phrases you may need to understand or say when at an airport.

What you say:

Onde fica a mesa do check-in, por favor? 

De qual terminal o avião sai?

Você sabe de qual portão o avião está saindo?

Onde fica a área de embarque 34, por favor?

Posso ficar com um assento na janela, por favor?

Onde fica a área do check-in de segurança?


What you hear:

Posso ver seu passaporte, por favor?

Você mesmo fez as malas?

Seu avião está atrasado 45 minutos?

Você gostaria de um assento na janela ou no corredor do avião?

Aqui está o seu cartão de embarque. 

Você embarca no portão número 34. 

What you say:








What you hear:







5. Listening

Listen to the audio and complete the dialogue below.

01. At the airportCK English
00:00 / 01:21

Dialogue at the airport:
Mr Fleet is at the airport check-in desk, hoping to board his plane very shortly. He’s talking to the check-in desk attendant.

Mr Fleet: Hi.
Attendant: Good morning. May I see your ticket and (1) __, please?
Mr Fleet: Certainly. Here you are.
Attendant: Would you like a window seat or an (2) __ seat?
Mr Fleet: A window seat, please.
Attendant: Could you place your bag on the luggage belt, please?
Mr Fleet: Sure!
Attendant: Did you pack it yourself?
Mr Fleet: Yes.
Attendant: Has anyone interfered with your bag, or asked you to take anything on board the (3) __ ?
Mr Fleet: No.
Attendant: Do you have any firearms, hazardous materials or liquids in your bag?
Mr Fleet: No.
Attendant: Oh, I’m afraid your bag has exceeded the maximum baggage allowance, so you’ll have to pay the excess (4) __.
Mr Fleet: Oh, right.
Attendant: If you just go over to that counter over there, you can pay the amount. Then, just come back here with the receipt and I’ll put your (5) __ straight through.
Mr Fleet: OK. Thanks. 
[Ten minutes later, he comes back and hands her the receipt.] Here you are.
Attendant: Thank you. Here’s your boarding (6) __. Your flight leaves at 13:34. Boarding will commence at 12:45. The boarding gate hasn’t been announced yet, but it should appear on the flight information (7) __ in about half an hour. The security check-in area is just over there. Have a nice flight!
Mr Fleet: Thanks.


Listen again to check your answers.

Now you can read the purple part and your teacher can read the orange part.

Now you can read the orange part and your teacher can read the purple part.

Course Content

01. At the airport 
02. On the plane 
03. Going through customs
04. At the hotel 
05. At the Doctor's
06. At the travel agent`s
07. Shopping  
08. At the restaurant 
09. The Subway
10. Taxi 
11. Police 
12. The Pub 


13. At the museum
14. At the train station 
15. At the theater 
16. At the post office
17. At the cinema
18. The nightclub
19. At the coffee shop 
20. The business trip
21: Renting a Car 
22. On the bus
23. in the City
24. In the Country   

25. Renting a shared flat
26. Sightseeing
27. the clothes shop 
28. At the bank 
29. At the ski shop
30. At the chemist’s
31. At the hairdresser’s 
32. Giving directions
33. The Car 
34. Driving in the city 
35. Driving on the road  

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