CK English Aulas Particulares de inglês para enfermeira online no Brasil


Se você está interessado em expandir suas oportunidades de trabalho como enfermeiro, seja porque queira melhorar seu treinamento ou porque deseja trabalhar como enfermeiro em um país de língua inglesa, aprender inglês é algo que o ajudará a alcançar ambos os objetivos. No mundo de hoje, quem é fluente em inglês tem acesso a conhecimentos e também muitas oportunidades de emprego, em comparação com seus colegas monolíngues. Então, comece a aprender inglês online hoje.

Como todos os nossos cursos, o curso CK English Nursing tem como foco a 

conversação, mas com foco na linguagem e nas situações que acontecem dentro

de um hospital. O curso inclui 45 aulas, cada uma com um tema diferente

relacionado à enfermagem. No final desta página você encontrará todos

os tópicos abordados.

Abaixo está um exemplo do que você pode esperar das aulas deste curso,

mas lembre-se que em nossas aulas você terá um livro digital que

poderá editar e escrever.

Aulas particulares de ingles Brasil
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01 - Hospital Staff


1 What jobs do people have in hospitals?

2 Which employees do nurses work with most often?


Read the hospital directory. Then, choose the correct answers.

1 What is the purpose of this document?
A locating hospital departments
B listing available staff positions
C helping people find hospital staff
D providing employee's contact information


2 Who is best qualified to examine a sick five year old?
A a receptionist 
B a lab technician 
C a pharmacist
D a pediatrician


3 What can you infer about patients being prepared for heart surgery?
A They see the general surgeon last.
B They are treated by Dr. Gupta.
C They have their operations on the first floor.
D They must visit doctors on multiple floors.

Aulas de ingles para enfermeira



Match the words (1-7) with the definitions (A-G).

1 lab technician                     A a person who prepares drugs and medicine

2 surgeon                               B a person who uses imaging technology

3 anesthesiologist                 C a heart specialist

4 pharmacist                          D a person who analyzes samples

5 radiologist                           E a person who cuts open the body in operations

6 receptionist                         F a person who prevents patients from feeling pain

7 cardiologist                         G a person who welcomes visitors and answers phones

Fill in the blanks with the correct words and phrases from the word bank.

pediatrician; general practitioner; obstetrician

1 A(n) ____________ observes and treats pregnant

women until they give birth.

2 Parents often take a long time to choose their child's ____________.

3 For small problems like a cold, see a(n) ____________ instead of a specialist.

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Listening & Reading

Listen to and read the hospital directory again. 
Where can you pick up your medicine from?


Listening & Reading

Listen to a conversation between a nurse and an obstetrician. Mark the following statements as true (T) or false (F)
1 The man needs to look at x-rays.
2 The radiologist works on the third floor.
3 The woman directs the man to the receptionist.

Listen again and complete the conversation.

Nurse: Excuse me, Dr. Beverly? Hi. I'm Mark. I'm a new _____________ here.
Obstetrician: Hey, Mark. What can I do for you?
Nurse: I have these _____________ for Dr. Cho's patient. He wants Dr. Fabrizzio to take a look at them.
Obstetrician: The _____________ ? He's on the first floor somewhere.
Nurse: Do you happen to know the actual _____________ ?
Obstetrician: No, but the _____________ in the lobby wilt
Nurse: Okay. This _____________ is so confusing!
Obstetrician: I know the feeling. You'll get used to it.

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Course Content

1 - Hospital staff
2 - Hospital departments 
3 - Rooms and equipment
4 - The body 
5 - Blood
6 - The Circulatory system
7 - The Respiratory system
8 - The Digestive system
9 - Physical assessment
10 - Recognizing symptoms
11 - Pain
12 - Medication
13 - Licensed practical nurse
14 - Registered nurse
15 - Nurse practitioner 

16 - Nutrition
17 - Hygiene 
18 - Administering medication
19 - Admitting patients
20 - Taking vital signs
21 - Accidents, emergencies, and first aid
22 - Wound care
23 - Medical specimens, and testing
24 - Discharging patients
25 - Maternity nursing 
26 - Pediatric nursing 
27 - Surgical nursing 
28 - Home health nursing
29 - Public health nursing
30 - Agency nursing 

31 - Schedules and hours 
32 - Communicating with patients and families
33 - Chronic vs acute conditions
34 - Diabetes
35 - Cancer
36 - Heart disease 
37 - Trauma and triage
38 - Communicating with staff
39 - IV care 
40 - Preparing a patient for surgery
41 - Preventing infection
42 - OB/GYN nursing 
43 - Geriatric nursing 
44 - Psychiatric nursing 
45 - Hospice nursing 

Aulas particulares de ingles Brasil
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