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Information Technology English

CK English Aulas Particulares de inglês para TI online no brasil

O setor de tecnologia da informação tornou-se verdadeiramente global e agora com a capacidade de trabalhar remotamente para empresas de tecnologia localizadas nos EUA, Canadá e Europa, ter a capacidade de se comunicar em inglês, permite que desenvolvedores e outros profissionais de TI realmente aumentem seus salários e empregabilidade.

A CK English oferece um curso desenvolvido para profissionais de TI, ideal para que aprendam o vocabulário necessário para trabalhar efetivamente em um ambiente de TI em inglês. Como em todos os cursos da CK English, o foco deste curso é a conversação, mas inclui exercícios de compreensão auditiva, gramática, leitura e vocabulário. Percebemos que a tecnologia está sempre mudando e como tais elementos deste curso podem se tornar menos importantes e, portanto, adicionaremos artigos e vídeos interessantes ao curso para mantê-lo atualizado.

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Aulas de inglês para TI online

Course Content

1 Information Technology 
2 Introduction to Computing Systems 
3 Inside the Computer 
4 Computing Devices 
5 Networking 
6 The User Interface 
7 Word Processing 
8 Email 
9 Web Browsing 
10 Image and Graphic Design
11 Databases vs. Spreadsheets
12 Web Design vs. Web Development 
13 Desktop Publishing
14 Videoconferencing 
15 E-commerce

16 Computer memory 
17 Programming languages
18 ISPs and Internet access 
19 Storage devices

20 Peripherals

21 Audio players

22 Cell phones

23 Communications

24 Entertainment, gaming and social networking

25 GPS systems

26 Banking

27 Education and research

28 Robotics
29 Electronic publishing
30 Artificial intelligence

31 Macs and PCs

32 Linux

33 Connecting to clients and employees

34 Advertising and marketing

35 Automation

36 Telecommuting

37 Hackers and viruses

38 Identity theft

39 Preventative measures

40 Anti-virus software

41 Cloud computing

42 Improving health

43 Creative design 

44 System administration

45 Programming

Abaixo está um exemplo do que você pode esperar encontrar em uma aula de TI de CK English , mas lembre-se de que você terá um livro digital que pode ser editado e escrito.

Unit 01 - Information Technology


What is Information Technology?
What do Information Technology professionals do?

Read the statement from the DataPro Inc CEO. 

IT Department Restructuring
DataPro Inc. is growing, and so our workload is increasing. But our IT department is not dealing with this increase effectively. So I am dividing the IT department into three sections: quality assurance, data processing and information security. The responsibilities of each section are:


Quality Assurance
Testing hardware
Providing technical support


Data Processing
Writing code
Organizing data

Information Security
Encoding online data transfers
Updating security software


These changes are not simple or easy. But smaller groups deal with tasks more efficiently than larger ones. See your supervisors for your new section assignment.


Thomas Jenkins
CEO DataPro In

Remember that in your classes your teacher will take note of your mistakes in your digital book.

Click below to see what it looks like. 

Mark the following statements as true (T) or false (F).
1 The IT Department is increasing.
2 Data Processing employees now encode data.
3 Supervisors know the employees' new assignments.

Match the words (1-10) with the definitions (A-J).

1 software; 2 code; 3 hardware; 4 data processing; 5 information security; 

6 online; 7 technical support; 8 data; 9 quality assurance; 10 encoding

__    A putting secret information into code

__    B the physical parts of a computer

__    C connected to the Internet

__    D numbers entered/held in a computer

__    E checking products for problems

__    F the act of using information

__    G programs/instructions added to computers

__    H helping people use/understand technology

__    I program language

__    J the act of protecting information

Fill in the blanks with the correct words.

data, quality assurance, encoding

1 Enter the __ into the computer.

2 The company uses __ to protect information.

3 __ finds and fixes problems in new products

Listen and read the statement from the DataPro Inc. CEO again. Which section is responsible for helping people to understand technology?

1CK English
00:00 / 00:58
2CK English
00:00 / 00:29

Listen to a conversation between a DataPro Inc. employee and her supervisor.

Choose the correct answers.

1 What is the dialogue mainly about?

A asking for a raise 

B requesting a transfer

C assuring product quality 

D improving hardware


2 What can you infer about the employee?

A She does not like her new section.

B She has experience with hardware.

C She does not understand the changes.

D She creates valuable software.


Listen again and complete the conversation.

Employee: Excuse me, Mr. Hopkins? I have a question about the __. 

Hopkins: Please, come in. What's your question?

Employee: Well, I'm now in the __ section.

Hopkins: Yes. You have a great understanding of hardware.

Employee: Thanks, but I have more experience with __.

Hopkins: I see. You want a __ then?

Employee: Exactly. I feel that I'm more valuable there.

Hopkins: Let me __ it.

Could AI be dangerous? Do you think AI should be regulated like nuclear weapons are?

press to zoom

Do you think it is possible for AI or machines to feel emotions or be sentient?

press to zoom

So should Google continue to work and develop AI... do you think it has potential to end up badly like in "The Terminator" with Skynet?

press to zoom

Could AI be dangerous? Do you think AI should be regulated like nuclear weapons are?

press to zoom

Read the story below about the google employee who claimed that AI is sentient. 

Aulas particulares de ingles Brasil
Faça uma aula experimental
+55 34 99256 6686
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