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A Play – “The Chief and the Thief” Vocabulary

My mother took my sister and me to see a play at the arts center. The play was about an Indian chief who liked to make pies. It was an exciting play to watch because a thief took a pie from the chief’s house. This made the chief grieve. The chief was filled with grief over the pie being taken and he told his friends he was very sad.

Then the chief and thief decided to have a cooking contest to see who could make the best pie. The chief made a pie. The thief made a pie. The thief wanted to “tie” for first place with the chief. But the chief made the best pie and won the prize.

The thief did not win, but he went home with his pie and told his wife a lie that he won the pie-cooking contest. The thief’s wife did not see a prize. There was no prize money or ribbon for a prize.

This was a clue that her husband did not “tie” with the chief in the pie contest and that his story was just not true.

The wife asked her husband (the thief) for the money that was due as he had borrowed her money to buy the ingredients needed for the pie. “Yes!” she smiled, “You need to pay me back the money that is due!”

And, when he did that, the thief and his wife each had a piece of pie!


The local food bank was receiving donations from the community.

1. During the first week, they received 12 boxes of canned soup and 36 boxes of crackers. During the second week, they received 25 boxes of canned soup and 24 boxes of crackers. How many boxes of crackers did they receive in total?

2. They had 40 boxes of pasta sauce in storage and received 47 more boxes last month. How many boxes of pasta sauce are there?

3. In the storage room, there are 16 boxes of corn flakes. There were 19 more boxes of cheerios than corn flakes. How many boxes of cereal are there?

4. The food bank expected to recruit 60 volunteers. 34 men and 45 women signed up. How many volunteers were recruited?

5. The local food bank opened 18 days in January and 21 days in February. If it will be opened for 15 days in March, how many days is it open in these three months?

6. Write the addition sentence that fits this: “The food bank opens for 4 hours on Friday and 5 hours each on Saturday and Sunday. It opens for 14 hours over those 3 days.”

Natural Science

What do we get from the different natural resources below:

Land:      ___________________________________________________

Air:          ___________________________________________________

Water:     ___________________________________________________

Plants:     ___________________________________________________

Animals:  ___________________________________________________

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