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CK English Aulas Particulares de inglês para finance online no Brasil

Aulas de ingles para a area financeira
Aulas particulares de ingles Brasil
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Trabalhar em finanças está se tornando cada vez mais internacional e, portanto, saber falar inglês está dando aos profissionais que trabalham em finanças uma vantagem competitiva. Encontrar um emprego em finanças é muito mais fácil quando você fala inglês. Além disso, acompanhar as tendências internacionais, estratégias financeiras e mercados internacionais, também é mais fácil quando você fala inglês. Então, se você tem interesse em estudar inglês com foco em Finanças, este é o curso para você!


     Como todos os nossos cursos, o curso de Finanças se concentra na conversação, mas

       com foco específico em finanças. O curso CK English Finance consiste em 45 aulas,

          cada uma com um tópico diferente, divididos em 9 categorias

                                                diferentes. No final desta página você encontrará o conteúdo

                                                do curso.


Abaixo está um exemplo do que você pode esperar do nosso curso de finanças. Mas lembre-se que nas aulas você terá um livro digital para poder editar e escrever.

05 - Cash


1 Do you prefer to use credit/debit card or cash for payment? Why?
2 What types of currency are accepted in your country?


Read the company's petty cash policy. Then, choose the correct answers.

1 What is the purpose of the posting?
A to maintain a balanced flow of money
B to explain the rules of petty cash use
C to replenish the petty cash fund
D to limit the amount of expenditures

2 What is NOT an acceptable petty cash expenditure?
A office supplies
C newspapers
B coffee 
D cash advances


3 What must be less than twenty dollars?
A weekly deposits 
C the petty cash fund
B withdrawals 
D cash advances deposit

Aula de Inglês para Finanças



Match the words (1-6) with the definitions (A-F).
1 withdrawal           A the act of putting money into an account
2 coin                       B motion or movement
3 deposit                 C the act of taking money out of an account
4 cash                      D money in the form of banknotes or coins
5 cash advance       E money in the form of a metal dis
6 flow                       F a loan of money to be deducted from someone's pay check on payday

Remember that in your classes your teacher will take note of your mistakes in your digital book.

Click below to see what it looks like. 

Read the sentence pair. Choose where the words best fit the blanks. 
petty cash/change
A This machine only accepts ________; no bills or credit cards.
B The________  fund is only for business related expenditures.


2 currency / expenditure
A New light bulbs were a worthwhile ________.
B This store does not accept foreign ________.

Track 10CK English
00:00 / 01:20


Listening & Reading

Listen and read the company's petty cash policy again. 
How much money should the petty cash fund have each week?


Read & Discuss

Many people believe we should not use cash as a form of currency as it allows for many criminal activities. Read the story below about the money heists of South Africa and discuss the questions below the images. 

Track 11CK English
00:00 / 00:38



Listen to a conversation between an employee and a manager.

Mark the following statements as true (T) or false (F).
1. The woman wants to use petty cash.
2. The expenditure will be more than $20.
3. The man gives the woman a receipt.



Listen again and complete the conversation.
Employee: Mr. Cole, the coffee maker is broken. Can I use ____________ to go buy a new one?
Manager: Sure, as long as it really doesn't work. That's an acceptable ____________. 
Employee: It will cost a little more than twenty dollars, though. Can we _____________ to the maximum withdrawal rule?
Manager: Yes. That'll be fine. Will forty ______________?
Employee: Oh, definitely.
Manager: Okay, here you go. Bring back any ______________ and make sure you keep the receipt.
Employee: ______________. Thanks. 

Course Content

Finance Basics
1 - Office supplies
2 - Office furniture
3 - Office machines
4 - Financial documents
5 - Cash 
6 - Numbers 
7 - Changes in value
8 - Balance sheets

9 - Using money
10 - Bank accounts
11 - Bank services and costs
12 - Loans

Business Finance
13 - Types of businesses
14 - Types of cost
15 - Budgets 

Investments Basics

16 - Types of investments

17 - Investment styles 

18 - Personal investments and retirement 

19 - The stock market 

20 - Changes in the stock market 

Investment Banking

21 - The front office

22 - The middle office

23 - The back office

24 - Regulation 

Job in Finance

25 - Bank manager 

26 - Accountant

27 - Tax consultant 

28 - Financial advisor 

29 - Stock broker

30 - Trader

Business finance
31 - Supply, demand, and prices
32 - Starting a business 
33 - Balance sheets
34 - Profit and loss accounts 
35 - Sales forecasts
36 - Controlling operations 
37 - Business relationships 
38 - Challenges 

39 - Insurance basics
40 - Insurance claims 

Public finance
41 - Central banks
42 - International organizations 
43 - Economic indicators 
44 - Economic stability 
45 - Economic theory

Aulas particulares de ingles Brasil
Faça uma aula experimental
+55 34 99256 6686
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