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CK English Aulas Particulares de inglês para agronegócio online no Brasil.

Você trabalha no agronegócio ou para uma empresa multinacional que atua no setor agrícola no Brasil? Se sim, este curso agrícola CK English provavelmente é adequado para você. Após este curso, você se sentirá confiante para falar com qualquer pessoa, de qualquer país, sobre qualquer tópico relacionado à agricultura.


Aulas de ingles para agronegocios

O curso CK English Agriculture consiste em 45 aulas sobre uma

variedade de tópicos, desde a história da agricultura até a

produção de carne bovina e o mercado futuro. As aulas se concentram em conversação, vocabulário, escuta e leitura. Este curso é adequado para pessoas no mínimo com nível intermediário de inglês ou nível CK English de 5. Ao concluir o curso, a CK English pode fornecer um certificado CK English para adicionar alguma autenticidade ao seu currículo.

Abaixo está um exemplo do que você pode esperar em sua aula experimental.

Aulas particulares de ingles Brasil
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Agri06 - Seeds

1. Discussion

How do farmers plant seeds?
What do seeds need to grow?


2. Read the page from The New Gardener's Seed catalog. Then, mark the following statements as true or false.

1 The seedlings can survive below 37° F.

2 The broccoli seeds have hard coats.

3 The seeds will sprout within two weeks.

3. Match the words (1-6) with the definitions (A-F).
1 hard coat         A the firm outer layer of a seed
2 germinate       B to sprout from a seed
3 seedling          C to plant seeds
4 seed vigor       D made by parents of different breeds
5 hybrid              E a young plant
6 sow                  F the strength and survivability of a seed


4. Write a word that is similar in meaning to the highlighted part.

1 Farmers plant small objects from which plants grow in the spring.

2 Each plant has a different number of days until it can be harvested.

3 Some plants require special ways in which seeds are planted.

4 To plant a large crop, you need a large quantity of seeds.

5 Some plants produce seeds that pass the winter in an inactive state.


5. Listen (track 12) and read the page from The New Gardener's Seed catalog again. How many weeks will it take for the broccoli to be edible? 

6. Listen (track 13) to a conversation between a customer and a farmer. Mark the following statements as true or false.

1. The customer wants watermelon seeds.

2. The farmer does not have the seed varieties that the customer wants.

3. The customer will receive 10% off.


7. Listen (track 13) again and complete the conversation in your digital book.

Farmer:     Hi there. Welcome to Braxton Farms. How can I help you?

Customer: Hi, I'd like to buy some seeds.

Farmer:     Great. What varieties are you interested in?

Customer: I want some 1 __ , the Super King. And some cantaloupe, the Royal Gold.

Farmer:     I'm sorry. I 2 __ that.

Customer: Super King watermelon and Royal Gold cantaloupe. 

Farmer:     3 __ . Also, we have a special today on 4 __ orders. You get 10% off.

Customer: 5 __. I only need two packets of each.

Farmer:     Well, they 6 __ packs of 3 for $3.78.

8. Watch the Youtube video about seeds and discuss with your teacher.

How do most farmers source their seeds in Brazil?

What do farmers expect from seed companies?

Is there a difference between seeds from different seed companies?

Aulas de inglês para agrinegocios

The New Gardener's Seed Catalog

Cold-weather hybrid broccoli. Bred for superior seed vigor. Seedlings survive in temperatures down to 37° F.

Germination: Soak seeds in water overnight to remove hard coats and end dormancy. Place in 70° F soil to germinate.

Location: Sow in a place that gets full sun.

Sowing method: Use a pen or similar shaped object to prepare holes 0.5 cm deep, 2m apart.

Drop one seed per hole. Cover with Soil. Water.

Days to sprout: 7-14

Days to maturity: 58

Harvest: Cut buds before they flower.

Price: $ 0.5 /100 g. packet*

*Bulk orders of 100 or more receive a discount of 10%

SeedsCK English
00:00 / 01:23
SeedsCK English
00:00 / 00:41

Abaixo estão os tópicos das aulas

Course Content

01: History of Agriculture 
02: Plant Products 
03: Animal Products
04: Soil
05: Water
06: Seeds
07: Plant Growth
08: Harvest
09: Storage
10: Feed and Nutrients
11: Housing animals
12: - Breeding
13: Slaughter and process
14: Cultivation and

planting equipment
15: Harvest equipment

Course Content
16: Beef Industry
17: Swine Industry
18: Poultry Industry
19: Dairy Industry
20: Sheep Industry
21: Equine Industry
22: Apiculture
23: Classification and Composition
24: Salts and Acidity
25: The Nitrogen Cycle
26: Soil Conservation
27: Preparing, Seeding

and Planting
28: Climate and Weather
29: Pricing
30: Government Intervention


Course Content
31: Animal behavior
32: Animal Health
33: Animals and grain
34: Bioengineering
35: Cropping systems
36: Growing seasons
37: Weeds, pests, and

38: Diagnosing crop problems
39: Agribusiness management
40: International Trade
41: The futures market
42: Sustainable Farming
43 – Technological Advances
44: Organic Farming
45: GMOs

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